Shopping During the Holiday Rush

A Typical Day Shopping in December

Cleanup on Aisle 10!!!

Have you ever noticed that shopping in December, even at the local food store, is like taking your life into your hands in a festering pit of vipers?  Well if you hadn’t it is.  I cannot believe the amount of insane nagging and fighting that goes on even in the local supermarket over such trivial items that we all go out and buy every week.  Take today for instance, I normally every week go shopping for various meat and grocery items as we all do, today I saw to grown women fighting over the last package of Doritos on the shelf.  DORITOS!!!!  If they didn’t have any, go to the CVS across the street and buy some idiot….. Don’t start a World War 3 type argument over a lousy bag of Doritos, especially when you are looking like you’re 400 or so pounds and probably don’t need them anyhow.  It’s the holiday season, let the melee’s begin…


One Response to “Shopping During the Holiday Rush”

  1. that’s just wow talk about the brain mentality of some think they were gonna die over a bag of Doritos they’re not even good for you

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