The Great Demons of Stupidity

Dogbert demons of stupidity

Stupidity is infectious..

I noticed earlier today as I was dealing with a bunch of crap, that the human penchant for performing insane and utterly stupid actions never diminishes with time, and in fact is inversely proportionate to the level of technology that exists.

Case in point.  Person is caught time and time again attempting to break into building.  They continue to call the occupant of said building during the day and at night continue their clandestine operations.  When the occupant catches on, they inform said interloper that they have been caught and still the interloper continues their indiscretions and denies their intents.  Occupant then demands that the interloper cease their operations, interloper responds with “I don’t know what you are talking about”

You get the picture, and of course in days of old, noone would ever have considered pulling such insane tricks on another, but would have been too scared that they were going to  get caught.  But nowadays when all it takes is a small webcam to catch someone, people don’t seem to care about it.  Level of tech is proportionate to stupid acts.

My warning to all would be interlopers, hope the person you are trying to invade upon is less tech savvy than you are as you may find out that you bit off a bit more than you could chew.

Just a little tip brought to you by the insanity that is me…


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