Fun with Funai, part deux..

This was too good a representation...

FSC is after sales service company for consumer electronics market in North America. FSC has complete set of functions to provide after sales service to customers: product return, warehousing, refurbishing/recertification, component level repair, parts and accessory supply, and call center.
We are providing services for products with Magnavox, Sylvania, and Emerson brands, and expanding clients.Having A- ranked service with BBB, we provide better service with minimal cost. We are start the operation of LCD panel repair center (Class 10,000) this October to provide high value repair service for customer eventually reduce cost from scrap. FSC is registered in NESDA (National Electronics Service Dealers Association) membership.

Just looking at that grammar should have been enough to tell me I was dealing with a class act.  I realize I make a ton of spelling and gramatical mmistakes, but that’s just due to typing fast and getting heated and pissed off, this is a business’ web site disclaimer and it should have been written in language that at least tried to be English (As for the BBB A- rating, look them up, the actual company is in NJ and has a C- rating)  We shall see what the NESDA has on them.  The Atty General’s office has about a million complaints against them and quite honestly I’m not surprised.

So anyhow they won’t fix my problem in a timely fashion, all because due to other things going on I cannot drive out of my way to some service center and then take more time to drive back there to pick the thing up (one of the service centers wouldn’t even look at it without me putting a deposit down, kind of funny for a supposed warranty problem)..

Anyhow for now I are filing a complaint to the proper them service organizations (write it in their language so maybe they would get it) to find out how I can get this resolved before I lose my mind.

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