Funai, with a name like that you’d expect FUN, Nope…..

Funai is anything but FUN...

Bought a Blu Ray player and tried to at least move myself into the 21st century… (plus I thought it would look really nice on the Flatscreen) of course as nothing in my life has gone smoothly as of late, this was yet another example of idiocy at it’s best.

Called Magnavox, the supposed maker of the player, they told me there was nothing i could do, I had to call this place called the Funai Service Corporation who handles the warranty.  OK Fine, especially as I had been assured that they could ship one out to me by tomorrow and I could ship mine back.  Sounded acceptable to me as I had noever gotten a chance to use the unit, and the first time I did today, it froze on every movie it played, DVD or BluRay.  This is where the major problem began.

I got a woman first who spoke very bad English informing me that there was nothing they could do and there would be an 8-10 week wait period for me to get myunit back unless I was willing to drive into an area I didn’tknow at all, and drop off the machine myself at one of their “service centers”  I don’t have the time for that I explained…  I need this thing like yesterday, it’s not like I really had the ability to use it yet.. “That’s not our problem” which promptedme to ask for a supervisor, who in the spirit of the Holidays responded more in kind, I beleive she used the words retard and ass a few times as well int he conversation, but that’s not the worst of it.. “I am authorized ot make exceptions ot the 8-10 week period but I just don’t feel I should have to”  Please send me to your boss.   “My boss is out until after Christmas..”

I did get her boss by doing some research and finding the number, he was even more uncaring.  I can get youa new one but you still have to wait until Wednesday of next week at the earliest.  I reexplained that the unit was needed for tomorrow and that it hadn’t even had the chance to be used yet, that didn’t seem to phase him, “it’s 1 PM we can’t ship anything out it’s too late.”, having worked in shipping departmetns from time to time, I know that’s a crock.  Who’s your boss, ie who do you report to?  “I don’t report to anyone”

The end result here is that if you buy a product based upon the brand name, do some research first to ensure the brand matches the manufacturer.. If it doesn’t you could be in for hard times ahead.

Funai makes Magnavox, Phlips, Sylvania and a few others….

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