Lunatics, all lunatics..

Early America: Lunatic Box, Maybe we should revisit?

Early America: Lunatic Box, Maybe we should revisit?

Yeah it’s that time of year again when the lunatics all come out of their hiding places and we get bombarded with Ad’s about “Snugglies” that look so awful you can’t imagine the actors that had to wear them in public for the commercials felt that comfortable, even though they looked like they had the same smile as Ed from the “Natural Male Enhancement” commercials..And then there are the panhandlers and doomsayers that come out this time of year.  I can almost excuse the panhandlers, the economy sucks moose dongles and the government is spending money like it has an unlimited supply, people are starving and there needs to be some action, so trying to get some change for something to eat, a cigarette or something else ot ease that pain (I do not condone panhandling for drugs or alcohol) is at this time of year not the worst thing, unless you’re the guy in Times Square from yesterday that had a shootout with the NYPD over it.

The doomsayers are the worst, I am a conspiracy nut at heart and like to banter about it with the best of them, in fact I know that buried in even the most outlandish conspiracy is some grain of truth, but the ones who stand out there on the corners claiming the world is going to end tomorrow, or make women and children drink cyanide laced kool-aid just because, OMG, January 1’st (insert year here)  is coming, well that’s just out there.  If there is indeed a huge change coming either socially, economically or even Earthly (a nice Pole Shift would be welcomed right now, can you tell I just saw 2012??) it’s going to happen and the best we can hope for is to survive it.  So stop taking the blue pill, stop drinking the tainted kool-aid, try and be happy at the holidays, I know it’s hard, I know it’s a chore when the world seems like it’s turned into a phantom version of itself, but it is the holiday and we do have so much to be grateful for..

Otherwise I could just stick you in the Lunatic box……


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