The 1 Dollar Bill Debacle

Do they even realize it's Christmas???

Allrighty… Before I begin let me just say I’m not going to burst into any foul language here, but heaven knows I really, really want to, but, you know, these people really need to all be placed in a small room together and be forced to help each other out to escape, maybe then, and only then would they understand the anguish they cause other people.

Chase Bank is by far the biggest offender of all the banks I’ve had the displeasure of dealing with (I don’t have a “bank account” for the reasons I’m about to mention) they hide behind rules and regulations that make little to no sense, and could only be understood by someone with a PhD in babble.  Take for instance if you are paid by a check, used ot be that you could walk into the issuing bank and cash your check, WRONG!!! Chase, makes you sit there while they tell you 500 reasons why they can’t cash it.  Which brings me to today’s run in.  We have two branches here in the village, one was willing to help but their counting machine was horribly broken, I could see the thing so I knew the poor girl wasn’t lying to me, so they suggested I go to the other branch down the road, which was bigger and has more staff.  So I did..   I wish I hadn’t because it just made my foul mood that much more foul.  First I got told that i had to open an account in order to cash in my stack of 1 dollar bills for larger notes.  When I said I didn’t really want to open an account today, I just wanted to cash in my bills to go shopping (Stores around these here parts are getting worse at accepting 1’s) the girl laughed at me, proceeded to call me a terrorist (I believe the exact words were “Only a terrorist or someone involved in a terrorist activity would not wish to open an account”) and then asked if I had any brain cells at all, this was “New York for gods sake, we don’t have to do anything we don’t want to do, and that includes changing money”

It’s a bank yes or no?  Banks deal in cash yes or no?  Cash is cash yes or no?

The final response from her and several other banks in the area was that they had the means to assist but they didn’t have to so they weren’t going to.  Which brings me to my final point on the matter:

We as Americans have become the land of the “NO” instead of a people that care about each other and will assist anyone.  When along the line did it become more important to find 100 ways to tell someone no on something simple, than to just see the situation and assist if you could.

Since there is no Federal Regulation stating that they cannot, it’s a crime in my eyes that they hide behind obscure laws that have nothing to do with the transaction.  A 1 dollar bill or 300 1 dollar bills isn’t gonna hurt you.

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