The United States’ Blonde Moment

We all have em, embrace them...

Once in a while the government does something radically stupid.

Once in a while they get caught doing something radically stupid and inane.

This is one of those times.

We all know that the health care bill is looming like a vulture over American society, and that the politicians will stop at nothing to get this thing passed.  But when they say they will stop at nothign what does that really mean.  Well here’s a clue on thatL  61% of the people of the United States are against this bill in it’s current form.  Harry Ried and Nancy Pelosi seem not to care, it will put billions of dollars into the Federal Government THREE YEARS before we even can use any of the benefits…  THREE YEARS of paying into a phantom system that noone has access to, but it’s a ten year plan.  So look at it this way, for three years you will be paying for a product you can’t touch, feel, use or see.  If most companies ran their businesses like that yo would see an awful lot of lawsuits, so why not now? Because.. Anyone who is against th`is plan (as a majority are) is auto-labelled a nutcase.

Well call me a nutcase then.


One Response to “The United States’ Blonde Moment”

  1. apparently I am in a nutcase category with you as I wouldn’t want to pay for something I can’t use. How do they justify this for children when you need the health care for school purposes

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