Intimidation: Part One

Does it need one?

There are few things in this life that I really care about.. Family and Friends, that’s about it, and I may get hot tempered at companies that are nothing but hot air promising the world and delivering shit, but in the end mess with my family or my friends and suffer the wrath of me.

Long story short, preparing a lawsuit against a service agency and the county for neglect, BOOM what happens?  All of a sudden we’re fighting off CPS allegations, and in the middle of it all, it’s really just a clever, but really sick move on the part of the other side to try and get their hands on documentation that is needed to prove a neglect case against them.  Ok, so thought it was over, and all would be nice for the holidays? NO WAY!!!!  They are threatening court action and other things to a) keep us put in a place we don’t really want to be and have publicly stated that we don’t want to be, and b) get their hands on information that they would not normally be entitled to until the LEGAL discovery stage of a trial.  It’s called, intimidation and coersion and it should be illegal, wait it is..

Do these people think about the level of stress they are causing (better yet are they prepared to answer for the whole time they sat by and did nothing when everyone was pleading with them for help?) No the sinister motive here is a simple one, cover each others asses as long as they can and hope this will go away if we go away.

My resolve is stronger than before…….

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