Fun with Funai: Day 8

Funai is still nothing but a bunch of lying jerks.

Day 8:

Still no replacementBlu-ray even though i was assured that i’d have one by the end of business on Wednesday.  No contact back on any inquiries and no hope of getting them to honor their products.  Remember the days that it used to be if a product was less than 30 days old places would cheerfully replace it? Not Funai, they seem to think people thrive on 8-10 months without thier purchases.

Well I for one am sick of this kind of blatent money-grabbing scam by companies that prey on people looking for a bargain.  Instead of supporting this type of behavior we should be punishing it, by boycotting as consumers and by criminal penalties by the government.  No more should be the mantra we all chant as we no longer fund this clearly criminal enterprise, as they insist on payment oup front for service on their defective crap, we should demand that we have our stuff fixed in a timely fashion.  8-10 months implies tha they have so many repairs that they cannot keep up, which in turn implies that they make crap.

Filed a formal complaint with our state AG and the BBB yesterday, lets see if they ignore it now.


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