Verizon dies a quick death

Verizon FiOS.. Has it died a quick death??

Don’t get me wrong the servie was great until a few months ago when they “upgraded” their digital boxes.  Then the strange things started happening.  I am certainly not a huge hockey fan, yes I loved going to Indians (Springfield MA) games when I was in HS and I still like the occasional Montreal Canadians game, but not enough to pay 100+ dollars for NHL Center Ice, and when it was found, along with porn channels being billed to the service,  it was a quick call to Verizon, who now claimed the bill was upwards of 900 dollars, and when we ent down the list i was able to say no no no no no to 99.9% of the stuff.  OK fine, that solved that, or so I thought…..

What do you want us to do about it, we don’t give refunds, especially if you are the retard that doesn’t know how to lock your box.

Well, the box was locked until their “upgrade” then it seems to have lost it’s lock, and any Tom, Dick or Harry could just pop on and order Playboy at Night..  I protested the charges, they said “Tough” and that’s where it was left for now…

I wonder what deals their competitors have right now hmmmm.

One Response to “Verizon dies a quick death”

  1. aparently if you can produce a bill from another company you get about 20.00 cut off your bill dvr’s are included in their price and something like HBO is able to be gotten as a stand alone for 15 which works for me idk about you

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