No Rhyme or Reason

Rhyme and Reason talk to Milo, from: The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster

One thing you can be certain of in this day and age is that there is no rhyme or reason to anything.  In fact it’s so convoluted that things we all grew up with as solid fact and truth are no longer the case, no this is not some strange alternate reality (although sometimes I wish it were) nor is it some whacked out work of fiction, this is everyday life…

Take for example customer service.  At some point in the last 10 years, customer service died.  It used to be the customer was always right, now, it’s “Hello, what did you do wrong, and we don’t’ cover that” or “We’re sorry it will be 8-10 months before we can address your issue, we know we have your money but we want more”  Even long standing companies like Apple, who used to have customer service that was unparalleled in modern times, has fallen by the wayside, hiring barely literate people who would rather laugh at your problems than assist.  A sad footnote to a world already in upheaval over major issues.

Secondly, the next example is a bit more alarming, we used to in the United States take a certain amount of pride in the fact that we could say or write or produce anything so long as it did not violate any laws.  Freedom of Speech, assembly and to question, but that too has seen a decline in recent years, and especially since we had our 2008 elections.  It seems that if you are critical of our President now, you are either a) a racist that needs to be hung or b) unpatriotic and need to be hung.  Gone are the days when we could question our leaders integrity or competence, now it’s blindly follow what they say or you end up disappearing or worse, your life is made a living hell by those in the know.

Whether or not we can overcome the trends is yet to be seen, but if we as a species don’t’ do something, we are indeed destined to become self fulfilling prophecy and most likely be our own demise.

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