Trusting No-one

We trust them, but should we...

We send our cildren off to school, not thinking anything of it, and if you’re the parent of a special needs child, thinking that everythign that you discuss, and everything you agree that needs to be done will be done.  You also think that the people that are teaching your children are competant and listen to your concerns and act accordingly.  However, there is that point where a school, and I’m hearing more and more bout this these days, decides that instead of helping your child learn and become a better student, they lock onto a harmless statement and twist the childinto thinking that their parents are the worst thing alive, then they call in CPS complaints, to make matters worse, the private conversations you have with the school become public and are twisted against you to make you seem like a total and complete insane individual…  This is sadly, the world we live in nowadays.  Everyone is so afraid of doing the wrong thing, they don’t stop to ask if what they are doing is wrong, they just follow obscure rules and say “we had no choice”

Everyone has a choice, everyone has a brain, people should begin to use them and consider the consequences of their actions before they blindly follow a set of rules that are not really rules but guidelines, I believe the argument “I was just following orders” was proven to be a wrong course of action at Nurenburg..  So it should be, when we as a society start to second guess everyone else, and cease to think for ourselves, we become what we all fear, a faceless, nameless set of automotons that no longer are alive in the truest sense of the word.

Wake up, hug your kids, and remind them they are individuals, not robots.


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