Twisted Justice?

Justice is not blind, although it should be.

They have always said justice is blind, and doesn’t look at anything except the law.

They lied.

Something we are finding out is that in a family court hearing, nothing is sacred, nothing is against the law and certainly the motives of the “state” are not even taken into consideration.  The claim to be working for the “welfare of the children” but in fact, they cause more damage to the family unit than a major death could.  Dragging people and children through hoops upon hoops, through threats and coercion and through slander and lies that one cannot ever recover from.

Of course when evidence surfaces that the maltreatment is really at the hands of the ones we trust our children to?  CPS and the Schools say “well it’s only the word of a child, you can’t believe them”  but you can believe them when it means putting a family through hell?  The double standard is so out there it’s not even funny.

The next time someone jokes about calling these people, tell them it’s no joke, you better really need ot have the power that is CPS involved or else it could end up on you as well.


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