HDSW Expose : Part One… They are here to collect money for not helping you.

It's all about the $$$, never forget that.

I have been holding back at lashing out at the place that started all of this issue in the first place.  For 50 years, supposedly, HDSW has been assisting people and families with getting back on their feet, in fact their own website claims that:

The mission of Human Development Services of Westchester is to empower the persons we serve and to enrich their lives by assisting them to make informed choices in determining and obtaining desired living, learning, working and social environments. The mission will be accomplished through the provision of housing, vocational services, case management, community support, and mental health rehabilitation services. HDSW will also cooperate with concerned individuals and organizations in community education, advocacy and research activities.

Now, I can tell you from firsthand experience with them, that this is as far from the case as it gets…In fact, all they care about is that cooshy paycheck from the Federal Government for all the related services they claim to be providing but don’t.  If you even try to question them, they will embark on a deception campaign that is without question akin to a mudslinging contest that would make most seasoned politicians blush and retreat.

To give you a quick overview on the program as it works.  The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development gives grants to state and county agencies to house people who are having trouble.  Those state and county agencies in turn dole out those funds to contract agencies that are supposed to follow guidelines and assist people to get back on their proverbial feet in a 5 year time frame.

Does it really work this way?  No.  What happens is the state/county agencies that are doling out the money never really check up on the contract agencies, and when a complaint is filed, it usually gets filed under “the person is crazy” or “we don’t’ have control over them, try so and so agency” In other words, the run around begins.

Now to the normal person this seems like a lot of BS and they just give up and cave to the pressure that is placed upon them.  Me? no way.  This sorry excuse for an agency has NEVER helped with anything we asked, always comes back with the patent answer of “We don’t know what you are talking about” or some other excuse why they can’t even get something as simple as a list of agencies that help with such and such.  Now to why they do this and it’s really simple.  They get a lot of money for families in their web.  Once in they never want you to leave, and they will attempt to get extension and extension for the simple fact that they want the gravy train to continue it’s journey into their wallets.  Enter a disaster, and boy will the coverup machine swing into full gear.

Under normal conditions, getting bedbugs in New York is like a walk in the park, you get them, you exterminate and you move out, you can normally save your stuff and clean it because it hasn’t been exposed ot the critters for that long a period of time.  Unless you are with HDSW.  The minute you tell them, the machinery goes into gear as to how to cover up the fact.  They will even go so far as to falsify inspection reports to schools just to get around having to put out a dime, when the situation gets to the point where they have no choice but to acknowledge it, they hire sub-standard exterminators that do a half-assed job.  Of course when it really gets to the point where you have to leave and move because after 5 failed exterminations it’s not getting any better, the secondary machine gets into gear “We can’t find an apartment for you” or “We had that one singed and delivered but the landlord pulled out at the last moment”  or even better “There are no apartments anywhere except in X area”  (X area being the most crime ridden, drug infested area of the county that no one in their right mind would allow children with special needs ot be near)

With us this went on for a year and a half (a little more actually) and by the time it was over, our savings was gone, our belongings trashed beyond repair or restoration, our bodies riddled with bites and infections from the bites, severe psychological damage to small children (and adults as well, I still wake up thinking i’m being eaten alive by 10’s of thousands of the little monsters) and what was the final answer from HDSW?  We will file an insurance claim for you on your behalf to cover your losses.  RIGHHHHHT!!!!!!!! Try again, 8 months h as gone by and what is the answer now?  It is “Our lawyer will call you”  when confronted with the fact that this phantom lawyer never calls, “We will have them call you as soon as possible”  Give us their number we’ll call them “We cannot give you th number”, of course not there’s not really a lawyer and certainly not really any claim.  More about this and much more in part 2…


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