HSDW Expose Part 2: The Patent Answer to Any Query

No menas no, yes means no and We'll get right on that means "In your dreams"

In our previous segment we outlined exactly what this agency does in a pretty roundabout manner.  In this segment we will attempt to explain a little further exactly how they achieve this.  It’s relatively simple in practice, have one patent answer to all questions, OR deflect any questions with a non committal answer that makes one think that you are working on something when you are actually not.

Here’s a really good example.  “Can  you help find an agency that could possibly help replacing -X-?” HDSW Response #1: “Off hand no but we will get right on looking for one”, now this would mean to the normal person who’s really relying on this that they were doing their jobs and getting in touch with people who could help, this could not be further from the truth.  What this is is a deflection answer designed to keep the person asking happy while at the same time not really committing to anything.  In a few weeks when you ask again you will get the following answer (HDSW Patent answer 2 when someone attempts to follow up on patent answer number 1) :”I don’t know what  you are talking about”

I Don’t know what you are talking about

Or a derivative thereof is the most common statement you will hear from a worker from the HDSW agency.  Whether it be something as simple as finding furniture you need or something a little harder, the answer is always “I don’t know what….”.  Of course this answer is also perfectly acceptable to them when you get to the point that you catch them in a lie or other deception, it kind of adds to the thought that you can hear the trepidation in their voices as they choke it out….   “I don’t…. know what you are talking….. about”

There is a third answer you may hear from time to time from them, and it really is the only answer you hear at all times, but it’s normally cloaked in some other derivative of what i have already put and that’s a flat out “No we can’t help you with that, why don’t you just try doing this instead”  “But I really didn’t want ot do this, I wanted to do that, it’s what’s in my service plan..” “We don’t have to follow your service plan only you do.”

Well this is of course one of the many double standards the adhere to, what it will all boil down to in the end is, no matter how right you are, and no matter what rights you feel you have, HDSW always finds a way to circumvent them.

In part 3 we will discuss their typical response times depending on an incident…


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