HDSW Expose, Part 3: You’re crazy (and other demeaning statements)

Guess what, they're crazy, and we are right, that's all you need to know.

We’ve gone over a lot of the basics, but now it’s time to discuss what happens when you file a complaint against this gang of thugs.  Firstly, it’s not as easy as you think it is to file the complaint, the first person you need to go to, well, he used to work for them, and as such (even though he claims he doesn’t do this, it’s pretty obvious he does) downplays any complaints that may be received against HDSW.    If you can get past him, which is a miracle in itself, you get to someone who will listen, at least until HDSW give them their side of the story, which will take either of two forms.

1) I Don’t know what they are talking about.

2) You do realize that they have serious mental health issues and are not really relaying the truth.

This second one is scary.  People who may never have met you, are using the judgment of people who are still in school to get their degrees, to make a psychiatric/psychological assessment of a person.  And, they are being believed on their judgment, because they are HDSW.

Example of a whopper that they told and this one I feel very badly for our last landlord on.

We have a nice young single woman to move into your other apartment, she works, and goes to school and you’ll never hear her, she’s never home.  Trust us, you’ll love her.

2 1/2 months, Police, sinks ripped out of walls, her entire family crammed into a 1 bedroom apt, a dog later, HDSW finally got rid of her out of that apartment, but not out of their program, why you may ask?  Because she was a good paycheck for them, but here is the kicker, when a complaint was filed and finally had to have the police come out, HDSW still stood by “Well you know there’s some severe mental health issues and you can’t believe the report”, even though… the police report mirrored ours EXACTLY and in EVERY WAY.  It took HDSW 2 more weeks after the basement was flooded, just to come and investigate what was going on.  2 weeks… and who’s crazy?

Of course to the person that complains about them, they have a really good answer and I’m sure it fools some people here and there.

Our lawyer will be calling you…

Now this is effective for about a month, maybe two, but when you start to press it, they just say it louder, OR they give you 50 million reasons you can’t have the person’s name, or the person’s phone number ad how this person is going to call you… It really gets to the point that you think they are really the crazy ones, at least my imaginary friends disappeared when I turned 5….

More next time.


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