HDSW Expose Part 4: Forgeries and Fallacies

We wouldn't sign your name to something, really...

Along with the fact that HDSW needs to have all of it’s paperwork in order, and rightly so, Government oversight is a wonderful thing sometimes (when it works right, and we’ll get to that in later weeks) it really is amazing that when asked to produce a document to a government agency (in this case a school district as proof of residency) HDSW come out and produces a forged document.  Quite simple really they don’t have a real document, so they produce a forged one, and hope that the person they are producing it on behalf of never finds out.

However it’s not always the case, in our case, the document made it’s way back to us and sure enough signatures don’t match up properly, and are in fact blatant forgeries.  And again when they are confronted about it, “we don’t know what you are talking about” becomes the answer you receive.

All in all, a small part that just shows how morally corrupt this agency is as a whole.


2 Responses to “HDSW Expose Part 4: Forgeries and Fallacies”

  1. I’m not a US citizen so could be wrong, but isn’t forgery a Federal offence ?
    Interesting expose – hope things are resolved quickly for you.

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