HDSW Expose Part 6: The Great Housing Scam Game.

Scratching Backs, Collecting the Dough....

I will not bore everyone with the statistics about homelessness, needless to say that stats are high, and with more and more people becoming homeless due ot the recent crash of our economy there is more and more demand for affordable housing.  We’ve also all heard of the Section 8 (Housing Choice Voucher) nightmares where landlords rent substandard housing to individuals on these vouchers for the simple fact that they are on the vouchers.  I’ve heard tell stories of rats and roaches that can never be eradicated and landlords allowing pipes to break and not fix them etc, and since HUD is so slow due to being overburdened, they get away with it until of course an expose is done and then it’s all over.

However  a lot of people don’t hear about the smaller housing programs designed to assist people, Shelter Plus Care is one of those programs.  And while it’s wonderful that they continue to run the program, more oversight is needed to ensure that people don’t end up with moldy old furniture and housing that is so unsafe that you wonder when the roof will collapse (don’t worry if it does collapse all HDSW will do is say that they don’t know what they can do to help you)

In Westchester County there are 3 agencies that provide S+Care to families: HDSW, Westhab and H.O.P.E. Inc. All three of them are major scam artists, but so far it’s a toss up between Westhab and HDSW for the worst, my money right now has to go for HDSW as they seem to have forgotten the true meaning of assistance.

As for why I say it’s a huge scam They are supposedly there to help the most vulnerable homeless, families and (separate category) single people with addictions.  These agencies, however house only as many families as are needed to keep their grant dollars rolling in, in fact they will lowball the rental assistance so they can keep more of the grant for “administrative expenses” (directly out of the mouth of a County worker whom shall remain nameless.)  However for druggies they will go all out and even overlook serious FELONY actions to keep the grant money flowing.  How nice is that.  You read right, IGNORE FELONIES committed by program participants, just to keep the dollars flowing.  All of course under the guise of helping these individuals get better (while HDSW gets more grant money)  If this is not the definition of scam?

In the end it’s a vicious cycle that sees people caught in the web of lies for years without ever realizing their goals of becoming self sufficient and independant of the oversight of the HDSW organization.


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