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Total Exhaustion

Posted in Uncategorized on February 18, 2010 by vk08

we all feel like this from time to time

There are those days.

We all have them and well when they get to being like weeks and months, then you start to worry that y ou’re doing something dreadfully wrong.  Problem is, even just doing the day to day stuff that is reqired of you, you can end up feeling, well exhausted and crappy.

SO what to do about this?  There really is nothing that you can do about it unless you decide suddenly that you don’t need to ever do anything again, and well that’s just insanity talking (or is it, I mean ifyou had the money to hire people…… ) But in reality, moreso than 20 years ago, life is hectic, and it is hard and it is not the same type of morals and determination we had in generations past.

Nowadays it’s all about the glitz.  Flashy is better (to the masses), if it’s not flashy it gets overlooked.  It could be the best writing ever written, but if it doesn’t have half naked people and lots of blinking pictures around it, it gets glanced over.

It’s time we remembered the simple things, and reminded ourselves to look past the glitz.

Especially in November…….

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