Sunday Morning……

Coffee…. had to wake up to coffee.   Coffee is the thing that makes all of us wake up and ready to face the day (some of us it takes more cups than others but OK…..)

Now all of a sudden some woman who worked for the Obama campaign has sullied the name of our precious beverage and made a farcical (although she calls it serious) movement called the Coffee Party of America.  Of course, I should have seen it coming,  the obvious analogue to the Tea Party Movement, but this is beyond wrong.

This is what we've come to?

The Coffee Party??? Please..... no....

I mean even their banner leaves a bit to be desired.. It looks like someone went nuts with MS Office’s clipart library and a blue paintbrush. Now had they really wanted to be successful they would have drowned themselves in UCC’s Taste 114 and at least they would have died a nice and enjoyable death as their bodies basked in the yummy goodness that is 114…But alas, they are just a bunch of Obama supporters that decided it would be a hoot to ruin the reputation of the lifeblood of artists (and others) everywhere.

Here’s a picture of 114 just for posterity.



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