Freedom of what?

We the People......

A little thing that happened this morning got me thinking about this little bit of law, and the connotations therein and how people sometimes hide mistakenly behind it.   There is freedom of speech until you abridge the rights of another to do the same.  Like any right, there are limits to it, and rightfully so.  You can’t just walk into a theatre and yell FIRE!, it’s against the law, your right to free speech ended because you trampled the rights of everyone in that theatre.  Same goes for discussion and discourse.  The minute you resort to name calling and the old “I’m better than you because of ‘X'” you lose your right to your speech.  The Constitution does not recognize your superiority complex and also any differences between individuals at all, in essence according to the document we are all equal.

Now before I continue, I want to mention that the next part of what I say may be controversial.

The Federal Communications Commission of the United States is responsible for making sure that which goes out over the airwaves is safe from overt and not so overt references that would make most people cringe and blush.  Also to make sure our young people are not seeing things they really shouldn’t on Television.  Now a lot of people claim “that’s censorship” but think for a moment about what we CAN get away with on TV nowadays, a lot compared to just 20 years ago. A certain amount of policing is necessary and that’s why some channels like Playboy are Pay channels that you have to purchase separately, so you can have the option of blocking them.  Same goes for the Net.  There are plenty of sites that host adult material, but they say it, a huge warning that there may be something objectionable, and so you don’t let your kids go there, however, if a site that doesn’t have that warning pops up… what then?

My own site here is certainly not for children, however I try to stay within a confine so that if a child DID in fact come across this site, there’s not a million overt innuendos and swears..

Think for a moment, you can’t be everywhere at once, some responsibility does fall upon the providers to police themselves.

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