The Broken System and What Could Fix It

I really don’t like to speak ill of anyone that is doing their job to the best of their ability and who genuinely think they are doing the right thing, but when you have a person that does their job with the backwards thought that they are doing good, but only because everyone is guilty and it’s up to her to prove it, there is a problem.

Connecticut DCYF (Department of Children and Families) requires that all investigators are accompanied by a stenographer that takes down what everyone is saying, this way there is no ability for a DCYF worker to turn around and twist the words of a parent and claim they said something they didn’t.  It’s a protection and a good one, so far the only cases in CT that have been brought to court are those where there seriously is something that needs judicial intervention.

In stark contrast to that civil and non adversarial system, Westchester County NY has a system where they imbue their CPS workers with broad powers that violate every portion of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  These workers can go and tell a judge that there is imminent harm to get an entry warrant and not have one shred of proof or evidence to show cause.  The law is written to allow hearsay and conjecture based upon information that may be unreliable to be used as proof positive evidence against a parent.

As I go on in more posts I will detail a way we could fix this system as well as show the lengths that CPS in Westchester will go to to “get the bad parents”  For now I’ll leave you with this, 60 days of being under their microscope that turned into 8 months of it, will take years to recover from emotionally.


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