The Spy Game

Who's Watching the Watchers?

Have you ever wondered why it is that people seem to have the need to follow youa nd watch every move you make?  I have been wondering that myself of recent days and I think I may have a reason for it.. And it isn’t pretty.

It all goes to a sense of paranoia and insecurity, if you fear the worst, then everything that may be said, however inccoulous, is suspect.  You hire people (or ask them) to go and spy for you, reporting things back, all because inside you are so insecure you need to know what is being said at all times and for no real solid reason.

Say for example I got a bad post on here, now I moderate all posts and comments so it’s not as big an issue, but if I didn’t and someone posted that I was an “insane crackpot” I would necessarily care that they said it, I’d just delete it and move on, freedom of speech and all, plus, I really wouldn’t care that on some other site the discussion may pop up, unless one of two things had been going on – threatening or legal slander.  Then I may be concerned, but random complaining or venting, who cares really, unless you are so tied up in making sure you are informed of every mention of your name, that you can’t escape the thought you are a God among your followers.

It’s so Junior High School that it’s almost funny in a sad and pathetic sort of way.

Disclaimer: This post is not aimed at anyone in particular, it’s just a disturbing trend I’m seeing in a lot of places recently online.

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