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I really really really really (can you tell I really) cannot stand people that claim to be on top of everything and then when some comment as simple as “Google it” comes along, fade into this tizzy that that “never Google anything”, it just shows the real lack of braincells apparent in society today.

If this person had the aforementioned braincells they would know that to “Google” something in the vernacular is a simple and trendy way of saying, do a search.  Now the really interesting thing comes up, 2 of the three most widely used browsers use Google as the default search engine in that little search box in the corner.  (Firefox and Safari)

I think what bothers me the most is that while the language is evolving, people that use it are not.  If you’re going to live and expect society as a whole to understand you, take this advice:

Stay up to date on the language, and use it wisely, otherwise, you may find yourself about as fresh as yesterday’s laundry.


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