Shattered Mirror

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There’s been a lot written recently on te existance of alternate universes and parallel realities.  I’ve always believed in the existence of them, and it’s refreshing to find out that my thoughts and fears are true and can be somewhat confirmed by quantum physics. (Which I admit I know nothing about).

My question that I wish to throw out is, what side of the mirror are we really on?

If you watch any of the Mirror Universe episodes of Star Trek, you’ll quickly find out that the good guys on the other side are really the bad guys, oppressive, oppertunistic, and greedy…. Wait…. uh, aren’t I describing the general population of the world presently?  Greedy, Oppertuinistic and Oppressive.    So, if you go by that logic, we are the mirror of what we strive to be, or what really is.

Or are we?

This is where your brain is about to explode.  Why? Because put simply we aren’t evil all fo the time, we do have moments of compassion, and were we truly the mirror, we would be evil 100% of the time caring about no-one and all out for ourselves all the time.  But aren’t we that way 100% of the time you ask?  No we are not, but that still doesn’t necessarily mean we aren’t on the opposite side of the mirror.

We all need to sit down and look at what side we really think we are on.. Are we on the good side where everyone really works for the common good?  Or are we on the other side, the darker, sinister side where humanity is doomed to fight and fight until we exterminate ourselves, or worse.

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  1. Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking your feeds too now, Thanks.

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