Lack of Heath Care and Getting Treatment

Downsizing... No Health Care for You

It finally happened, I made a really stupid decision and decided on my own to move a Circa 1996 Sony CRT Television (25 incher) on my own fromt he living room to the area next to the garage where the garbage goes.  I had the thing pretty much taken apart, and well not realizing at the time how stupid it really was, moved it and then the pain hit.

You know that pain I’m sure, the knives and the screwdrivers poking and prodding into the base of your spine (in my case on my left side) and the feeling that every step you take from that point forward will lead to a disaster of biblical proportions as you go crashing to the floor, that pain.

So Anyhow after about a day of that (I’m a wuss I know) I went to the ER at St Francis, why, I have zero health coverage.  Make a long story short they were courteous, professional and made it so it didn’t hurt as much, but also gave me the name of a little clinic that was in their building that services people with little to no coverage.  That was my mistake… Trusting that this clinic was going to actually service.  Instead of service, they treated me with total disrepect, called me a scammer (as I can’t move, I’m really scamming hmm) and proceeded to inform me that my blood pressure wasn’t high enough for someone in any sort of pain.  (I run low to begin with, I wasn’t aware that 125/88 was that low) and then told me to “please leave, we won’t be assisting you today or any other day”

So begins my now crusade for some sort of doctor to see me and at least give me something now to alleviate the discomfort, and allow me to function somewhat normally for the 2-4 weeks that it should take for this to pass.  Drving is a chore, every single bump sends yet another wave of sharp pain, doind mundane things like oh sleeping are a chore now and all because the health insurance system in this country is broken beyond repair and Obamacare doesn’t fix any of it, in fact it makes it worse…

For those of you who think this new health system is going to be a godsend, i can’t wait to laugh and laugh…

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