Need a new Apple Computer? Better have great credit and an apnt.

I never thought I would see the day where a major US company, that always thrived on “thinking Different” would sink to this level..

No Cash, No $ervice.

You heard me right, no cash no service.  Cash, long held as that which we all wanted, long heralded as that which we need to survive, is (well according to the corporate goons that offered me 10% off a new Mac for the insult its accepted) is looked down upon by Apple.

What makes it worse is their response which is as big an insult as the initial problem.

10% off the machine’s price. That’s even more of an insult to my intelligence than the initial incident.  You’re a big enough company, you can afford to make this right for me, I’m not asking for millions of dollars in settlement, nor am I asking for anything too much off the wall, a nice new iMac would suffice, and an iPad or two for my embarrasment.. You started this, I’m gonna finish it…….

To this end, I will be notifying every media outlet of this embarrassment of a long time Apple user and the hideous response i have gotten.  Maybe then I will be noticed by someone high enough up there to actually give me what I really want in the first place..  An apology worth my while.


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