Common Sense out the Window…

I just can't shut up, oh my god...

I just found out that someone that i thought was a friend, well I wouldn’t go that far, she’s a little on the strange side, and is also a little delusional, make any conversation she has with anyone, open game to post on the internet.

Can we say “OH MY GOD?”

That is so wrong on so many levels.  If I have a conversation with you about having a mass bout of diarrhea, the LAST thing I would ever expect is that you would post it verbatim on the internet for all to read.  I mean really, what possesses someone, other than total lack of common sense and courtesy to do something like that…..

Wait, don’t answer that, I really don’t want to know the answer.


3 Responses to “Common Sense out the Window…”

  1. WTF I mean seriously what is with the strikeouts, you have something to say spill it otherwise Shut The Hell up. Grow up don’t take crap others say and turn it into some big deal. At least not blogger worthy. Your friends should be able to trust you will have decorum which obviously you seriously lack. Your novel yes it sucks get over it. You will never be taken seriously and all because of your great love for wrestlers who don’t give you the time of day. You probably couldn’t get within a football field of them without making an arse out of yourself. You rant and rave and the only people who listen are probably in worse scenarios then you. Who cares about SATC it sucked all about has beens who bored a nighttime era. You think anyone reads anything you put without wondering when your bitching will end. You have no humor. Your shit stinks all over the world. Wrestling is not the end all be all. Sheamus is a dumb ass who won’t amount to shit. You need to get off your computer and walk outside. Realize there is more to the world then blogging and watching videos. Get a clue meet a guy have a life. Don’t be the shut in bitch we know you are. You screwed up blind tag. All on your own. You put pressure on those around you. You build it up and then wanted everything going to you. Well damnit you didn’t write it alone. You had co-writers that you pissed on, abused their ideas, milked it to better improve your lack of existence. Hell your mother could care less what you write about. Your sister doesn’t even care. I bet they run away from you as fast possible. You brought down Blind tag all on your own. Hell your own artwork sucks ass. You will live a miserable existence abusing those around you. And those around you don’t realize til it’s too late. You use what they say. You have got to be the biggest wanna be looser idiot in the world. So get a clue, get a life, and get a reality check bitch! Don’t screw with me I do bite back!!

  2. I think the bigger problem is how she refuses to confront, or tell anyone what her problems are, unless of course it’s all about how much of a failure with guys she is, or how she has all these problems (I can’t keep it straight anymore, is it a disease or was it a car accident, it all gets hazy) and that’s why she can’t get a guy, dude she looks like a dyke, a very large and out of the closet dyke and the sooner thoust admits it, the better off the world as a whole will be.

    She’s a self important coward, only with bravado behind her keyboard.

  3. I agree about the keyboard, and everything she hears or sees is all about what she can put on her blog to make herself look better. Well good gawd there is more to life then a computer get a grip already. There is more to life then a pc. Read a book watch a regular tv show or go to the park you would learn alot if you looked outside. Don’t dwell on the negative look towards the positive. It’s what I have done. Life sucks well I look to see what positive things I can make work. Don’t fantasy about the unattainable.

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