People who call themselves Reverend

It occoured to me today after a nice back and forth my webhost about a “complaint” filed by a “reverend” just how easy it is for someone to obtain that title and abuse it.  There are sites such as this : that will for free and with no background checks or otherwise let you print out a certificate ordaining you as a reverend in their church.  With that certificate they gain power over others and can abuse that because it’s always been held that religios personell are held to a higher standard.

Enter someone that is a total shut in, believes that famous wrestlers are lining up to bed her, and that calls anyone who dares question her hold on reality a stalker and you have a very dangerous person.

I am calling for all places that accept without question, to start questioning the validity of the documents and the authenticity of the person using the title.

It may go a long way to stop people from abusing the “name” to get results and to take abusive action against others in the name of the “reverend”

One Response to “People who call themselves Reverend”

  1. I agree completely that what this person did was completely without merit. What cause I happen to have 80 followers on one site and 35 on another somehow that deems her to think she can try to throw a thorn in my side. Well all I gotta say is what out bitch I bite back 😀 and my bite is worse than my bark.

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