First blog post from an iPad

Well folks, here it is the first blog post written exclusively on a mobile device, in this case an iPad..

There will be more to come


4 Responses to “First blog post from an iPad”

  1. Awesome! I too started blogging with an ipad! What program are you using to blog on the ipad? I royally screwed up on mine and erased my first post somehow.

    iPadders unite!

  2. I’m using the WordPress App to do it, I’m still getting used to it (in fact i’m responding off my MBP right now) And yes in response to your other comment i’m noticing it’s an absolute dream to type on 🙂

    Although sometimes give me the physical keys (like on the laptop or the metal keyboard on my iMac) as it holds some nostalgia 😉

  3. Very cool, one question – what is MBP?

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