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Preety Wallpaper

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Katy Perry’s cut segment from Sesame Street

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I don’t see the fuss it’s cute….

The Great Self Help Sham

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It is always good when one finds that they have a character flaw, admits it, works on it and moves on.  It is NOT good when one finds they have a character flaw, starts going to every self help thing they can go to, reads all the self help books and starts finding imaginary flaws that may not really even been there.

I have an acquaintance, used to be a semi-friend (until I gave her some advice she asked for then pissed all over me for it by blasting me out publicly on her blog and not even stating it they way I did) and after she totally ditched someone I care about in a way that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, then claimed she was being stalked to save face to her one fan, herself (yes she has 6 separate accounts to make it look like she has readers) This person is now stuck on Breakthrough: The Movie, a complete and total sham of a film that claims to be all about self help and how you can do better and fix your life etc…

If you really need that kind of help see a licensed professional, not some self appointed know it all that’s just out for your money.

OMG.. Part 5 Billion and One

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Ya know…

Porn Star Turned Pastor? Not in a LIfetime.

Ok so you have a 70 year old crackpot pastor, Dr Gene Scott, who used to grace our overnight television with hours upon hours of himself sitting in a chair smoking a stogie, and telling people in between the profanity, that they need to send him money.

Gene went the way of the dodo.  He croaked from Prostate cancer exacerbated by the herbs that his 30 year old wife, former X Rated, Vivid Video actress (if you can call her that) Barbie Bridges, was feeding him on a daily basis.  Then upon his death, she inherited the keys to his vast fortune, and his ministry, all of a sudden, she’s on Television as Pastor Melissa Scott.  More money, is the message, much much more money, and well a lot of horny late night guys are falling for it, she raked in a whopping amount of money every month to fund, well we simply don’t know, what we do know is, she was a porn actress.  She used to lay on her back for cash on film.  Now she’s some holier than thou money hungry know it all that is just as deluded as her late husband and gives any religion a really bad name.

At least with Jim Bakker we knew he was a closet gay, and his wife Tammy Faye was just a frustrated actress.  At least with Benny Hinn, we know he’s a huckster, and at least with Joel Osteen you just know deep down hes not believing anything he says..

C’mon Melissa, give it up, go shopping and watch some of your old movies.

Edit: Now I’m not saying that everyone can’t find religion and turn their lives around, just Melissa who seems to have gone from showing her body for money to brainwashing people for money, it’s all about the dollars to this one….

Some Random Stuff For a Saturday and Sunday

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Three Things to Love

MacBook Pro, Nescafe Nes and Bon Jour

Ok so it’s a Saturday, and I am bored to tears and have about zero motivation to do anything worthwile.  However, all is not lost today, I have 2 extremely good coffies to choose from, Nescafe Nes and Bon Jour, both sent recently from the wonderful shops in Paris, France, to my door here in New England.  Makes what I have been going thru this past week just a little more bearable.

However, the problems are still there and in the end, my anger is sure to get the best of me, and if I never see a particular person again, it will be too soon, in fact, the way I felt yesterday after getting off the phone with a Federal Authority, well lets just say some pretty nasty thoughts were running through my mind.  But you know, I think that i would have been amiss if I didn’t have those thoughts, this is a pretty bad situation.

Of course making it even funnier is the fact that someone I am acquainted with, not that I like, hell I’m come right out and say it, I think she’s a total flake that needs serious psych help, keep writing things on her blog about all sorts of mystical crap one minute, like she’s the most loved blogger (she even refers to her readers, all one of them, as Spudguns) and then the next she’s knee deep in self pity over some non existent disease (the disease is real, I doubt she has it though) and then into some big tirade about how she worked in Television (I guess anyone who brings coffee to the talent is now a media person) and now she’s on to this thing “breakthrough, the Movie” yeah, you guessed it, some sort of self help BS that is supposed to be then end all be all to making yourself what you want of yourself. (Where have I heard that before hmmm) All I’m going to say about her, is this.  My Macbook is yummier looking than yours and I know how to use mine.

ON to the self help thing that I was going to segue into anyhow.

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