Some Random Stuff For a Saturday and Sunday

Three Things to Love

MacBook Pro, Nescafe Nes and Bon Jour

Ok so it’s a Saturday, and I am bored to tears and have about zero motivation to do anything worthwile.  However, all is not lost today, I have 2 extremely good coffies to choose from, Nescafe Nes and Bon Jour, both sent recently from the wonderful shops in Paris, France, to my door here in New England.  Makes what I have been going thru this past week just a little more bearable.

However, the problems are still there and in the end, my anger is sure to get the best of me, and if I never see a particular person again, it will be too soon, in fact, the way I felt yesterday after getting off the phone with a Federal Authority, well lets just say some pretty nasty thoughts were running through my mind.  But you know, I think that i would have been amiss if I didn’t have those thoughts, this is a pretty bad situation.

Of course making it even funnier is the fact that someone I am acquainted with, not that I like, hell I’m come right out and say it, I think she’s a total flake that needs serious psych help, keep writing things on her blog about all sorts of mystical crap one minute, like she’s the most loved blogger (she even refers to her readers, all one of them, as Spudguns) and then the next she’s knee deep in self pity over some non existent disease (the disease is real, I doubt she has it though) and then into some big tirade about how she worked in Television (I guess anyone who brings coffee to the talent is now a media person) and now she’s on to this thing “breakthrough, the Movie” yeah, you guessed it, some sort of self help BS that is supposed to be then end all be all to making yourself what you want of yourself. (Where have I heard that before hmmm) All I’m going to say about her, is this.  My Macbook is yummier looking than yours and I know how to use mine.

ON to the self help thing that I was going to segue into anyhow.

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