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I am so sick of the “No kids died” crowd..

Posted in Ranting and Raving on January 12, 2013 by vk08

Living in Connecticut for the past 25 years on and off, you get to know the area and the way people behave.  New Englanders are crusty, sometimes cold people that don’t like to show emotion to the outside world.

Enter the morons….

All of a sudden a cottage industry has grown up around Sandy Hook, and the theories are about as absurd as the people making them.  They range from someone claiming one of the parents was identified as Michael McDonald the actor, to “no kids really died, everyone’s an actor and this is a psy-op”

To any of those people I put forth the following challenge, go to Newtown, knock on the doors of those parents and try and confront them with your insane theories.  See how fast you are thrown in jail…

Just do it already, make the world a better place..

Connecticut judges have zero tolerance for idiots..

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