Hope the neighbors are happy… NOT

I’ve been reading about how all over the state neighbors are helping neighbors dig out from this historic blizzard, Nemo.  We got somewhere between 39 and 46 inches of snow in a 24 hour period, and of course the whole area was snowed in , not a really disastrous situation, the power only went out for about an hour and a half, we have heat, however, our snowblower was… well, non functional.

Ok fine, over the years I have allowed others to use my snowblower, or have just done their driveways myself, so I thought, apparently wrongly, that it may have worked in reverse when everyone realized we were shoveling 39 inches of snow by hand..  Instead they were taking bets on our ability to shovel, and pointing and laughing.

Is this what neighborhoods have come to?  Neighbors betting on the misfortune of others?

Well come summertime and when people ask to use my John Deere… take a wild guess what my answer is going to be this year…


I fart in thee general direction.

I fart in thee general direction.

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