It is supposedly spring.

You wouldn’t know it looking out the window, it’s cold, snow adorns the ground, it’s cold, did I say it’s COLD?  Sometimes we get late season storms and this year has been brutal for the amount of snow and ice we’ve gotten, but it reminds us all living up here in New England just how much we hate the extremes we’ve been getting the past few years.  Wintertime temps in the 10s and 20s and Summertime temps, in July, in the 98 to 105 range. Ever since the Freak October Snowstorm in 2011 it’s just been getting worse.

Is this Global Warming? Probably not, it’s probably the Earth going through one of it’s little temper tantrums, and saying… Woah Ice Age needs to happen, I sometimes wonder what New York City and Bahston would look like buried under a TON of Ice and snow….

Well hopefully April will be milder and a little nicer, can’t wait to dig out the lawnmower again 😉

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