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Max Power – CL&P’s Art of Deception and Diversion

Posted in Bad Service List, Current Events, Expose and Investigative on November 7, 2011 by vk08

I just got off of seven, yes seven days in the dark and cold without electricity ( I was just informed that it was in actuality 8 days).  You may wonder why someone who lives in the state that pays the HIGHEST rates for power in the United States was without power for a full 7 days following a freak winter Nor’easter.  Well the answer is simple, and his name is Jeff Butler.  Mr Butler has a history of making up stories and well…. embellishing half truths to cover up for corporate stupidity.  Just look back 3 months during Hurricane Irene, and you’ll understand.

However, now that the power is coming back and stories from towns are coming out that crews were pulled from critical areas, that crews were sitting around doing nothing, that crews didn’t have a CLUE what they were supposed to be doing (and don’t get me wrong, the out of state people that came in are doing a superb job, they just haven’t been given good direction by CL&P) And reports form people that CL&P employees were laughing at the lack of power and telling people that they should be grateful that CL&P was even working on it, almost looking like they withheld power just to make a point that they were in charge and controlled it all.

What needs to happen now in very short order is simple.

1) We as a state need to get together and hold hearings and investigations into why CL&P was not on top of this from Day One, and took 3 days before they started restoration.

2) We as a state need to hold the Government responsible to follow through ont he promises to investigate, legislate and hold CL&P accountable.  Also to tell CL&P’s millions of dollars in funds to lobby for lenient sentences and regulations, that we will not be swayed by dollars in the pocket.

3) Make the shareholders and execs take a hit on this one, we ratepayers are sick and tired of having this burden placed upon us, just to have more shoddy service.

If we follow though and remember to NEVER FORGIVE AND NEVER FORGET, we may be able to effect change.


OMG.. Part 5 Billion and One

Posted in Current Events, Expose and Investigative on September 22, 2010 by vk08

Ya know…

Porn Star Turned Pastor? Not in a LIfetime.

Ok so you have a 70 year old crackpot pastor, Dr Gene Scott, who used to grace our overnight television with hours upon hours of himself sitting in a chair smoking a stogie, and telling people in between the profanity, that they need to send him money.

Gene went the way of the dodo.  He croaked from Prostate cancer exacerbated by the herbs that his 30 year old wife, former X Rated, Vivid Video actress (if you can call her that) Barbie Bridges, was feeding him on a daily basis.  Then upon his death, she inherited the keys to his vast fortune, and his ministry, all of a sudden, she’s on Television as Pastor Melissa Scott.  More money, is the message, much much more money, and well a lot of horny late night guys are falling for it, she raked in a whopping amount of money every month to fund, well we simply don’t know, what we do know is, she was a porn actress.  She used to lay on her back for cash on film.  Now she’s some holier than thou money hungry know it all that is just as deluded as her late husband and gives any religion a really bad name.

At least with Jim Bakker we knew he was a closet gay, and his wife Tammy Faye was just a frustrated actress.  At least with Benny Hinn, we know he’s a huckster, and at least with Joel Osteen you just know deep down hes not believing anything he says..

C’mon Melissa, give it up, go shopping and watch some of your old movies.

Edit: Now I’m not saying that everyone can’t find religion and turn their lives around, just Melissa who seems to have gone from showing her body for money to brainwashing people for money, it’s all about the dollars to this one….

The Demons called COMCAST

Posted in Bad Service List, Expose and Investigative, Film and Television, Ranting and Raving on May 14, 2010 by vk08

Abandon all hope ye who use our service...

I am not usually this mean to a company, well yes I am… 😉

Comcast needs to be investigated for their business practices and soon.  Their customer service is second to none when it comes to being insulting and demeaning to the consumer.  Their techs (with the exception of one really cool Mac user that came out) are bumbling buffoons, and their upper management seems more intent on lining their pockets than providing usable service.

This past week we switched to AT&T for Internet and Phone, and DirecTV for television.  Comcast wasted NO TIME deactivating email and the like, normally companies give you a little time to finish getting your waiting e-mail, NOT COMCAST, in the middle of transferring, poof 1/2 an email and then “Error: Username/password invalid”

Companies like that that think they are Gods and become spiteful need to be investigated… especially when they provide really crappy service and then take it out on the consumers as if it’s their fault.

I can almost guarantee that no-one from Comcast will ever respond to this, since it seems to be corporate policy to screw their customers.

Lack of Heath Care and Getting Treatment

Posted in Bad Service List, Current Events, Expose and Investigative, Ranting and Raving on May 5, 2010 by vk08

Downsizing... No Health Care for You

It finally happened, I made a really stupid decision and decided on my own to move a Circa 1996 Sony CRT Television (25 incher) on my own fromt he living room to the area next to the garage where the garbage goes.  I had the thing pretty much taken apart, and well not realizing at the time how stupid it really was, moved it and then the pain hit.

You know that pain I’m sure, the knives and the screwdrivers poking and prodding into the base of your spine (in my case on my left side) and the feeling that every step you take from that point forward will lead to a disaster of biblical proportions as you go crashing to the floor, that pain.

So Anyhow after about a day of that (I’m a wuss I know) I went to the ER at St Francis, why, I have zero health coverage.  Make a long story short they were courteous, professional and made it so it didn’t hurt as much, but also gave me the name of a little clinic that was in their building that services people with little to no coverage.  That was my mistake… Trusting that this clinic was going to actually service.  Instead of service, they treated me with total disrepect, called me a scammer (as I can’t move, I’m really scamming hmm) and proceeded to inform me that my blood pressure wasn’t high enough for someone in any sort of pain.  (I run low to begin with, I wasn’t aware that 125/88 was that low) and then told me to “please leave, we won’t be assisting you today or any other day”

So begins my now crusade for some sort of doctor to see me and at least give me something now to alleviate the discomfort, and allow me to function somewhat normally for the 2-4 weeks that it should take for this to pass.  Drving is a chore, every single bump sends yet another wave of sharp pain, doind mundane things like oh sleeping are a chore now and all because the health insurance system in this country is broken beyond repair and Obamacare doesn’t fix any of it, in fact it makes it worse…

For those of you who think this new health system is going to be a godsend, i can’t wait to laugh and laugh…

The Broken System and What Could Fix It

Posted in Expose and Investigative, Politics on April 1, 2010 by vk08

I really don’t like to speak ill of anyone that is doing their job to the best of their ability and who genuinely think they are doing the right thing, but when you have a person that does their job with the backwards thought that they are doing good, but only because everyone is guilty and it’s up to her to prove it, there is a problem.

Connecticut DCYF (Department of Children and Families) requires that all investigators are accompanied by a stenographer that takes down what everyone is saying, this way there is no ability for a DCYF worker to turn around and twist the words of a parent and claim they said something they didn’t.  It’s a protection and a good one, so far the only cases in CT that have been brought to court are those where there seriously is something that needs judicial intervention.

In stark contrast to that civil and non adversarial system, Westchester County NY has a system where they imbue their CPS workers with broad powers that violate every portion of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  These workers can go and tell a judge that there is imminent harm to get an entry warrant and not have one shred of proof or evidence to show cause.  The law is written to allow hearsay and conjecture based upon information that may be unreliable to be used as proof positive evidence against a parent.

As I go on in more posts I will detail a way we could fix this system as well as show the lengths that CPS in Westchester will go to to “get the bad parents”  For now I’ll leave you with this, 60 days of being under their microscope that turned into 8 months of it, will take years to recover from emotionally.

HDSW Expose Part 6: The Great Housing Scam Game.

Posted in Current Events, Expose and Investigative on January 23, 2010 by vk08

Scratching Backs, Collecting the Dough....

I will not bore everyone with the statistics about homelessness, needless to say that stats are high, and with more and more people becoming homeless due ot the recent crash of our economy there is more and more demand for affordable housing.  We’ve also all heard of the Section 8 (Housing Choice Voucher) nightmares where landlords rent substandard housing to individuals on these vouchers for the simple fact that they are on the vouchers.  I’ve heard tell stories of rats and roaches that can never be eradicated and landlords allowing pipes to break and not fix them etc, and since HUD is so slow due to being overburdened, they get away with it until of course an expose is done and then it’s all over.

However  a lot of people don’t hear about the smaller housing programs designed to assist people, Shelter Plus Care is one of those programs.  And while it’s wonderful that they continue to run the program, more oversight is needed to ensure that people don’t end up with moldy old furniture and housing that is so unsafe that you wonder when the roof will collapse (don’t worry if it does collapse all HDSW will do is say that they don’t know what they can do to help you)

In Westchester County there are 3 agencies that provide S+Care to families: HDSW, Westhab and H.O.P.E. Inc. All three of them are major scam artists, but so far it’s a toss up between Westhab and HDSW for the worst, my money right now has to go for HDSW as they seem to have forgotten the true meaning of assistance.

As for why I say it’s a huge scam They are supposedly there to help the most vulnerable homeless, families and (separate category) single people with addictions.  These agencies, however house only as many families as are needed to keep their grant dollars rolling in, in fact they will lowball the rental assistance so they can keep more of the grant for “administrative expenses” (directly out of the mouth of a County worker whom shall remain nameless.)  However for druggies they will go all out and even overlook serious FELONY actions to keep the grant money flowing.  How nice is that.  You read right, IGNORE FELONIES committed by program participants, just to keep the dollars flowing.  All of course under the guise of helping these individuals get better (while HDSW gets more grant money)  If this is not the definition of scam?

In the end it’s a vicious cycle that sees people caught in the web of lies for years without ever realizing their goals of becoming self sufficient and independant of the oversight of the HDSW organization.

HDSW Expose Part 5: Is my head stuck in my A**? Why yes it is.

Posted in Current Events, Expose and Investigative on January 19, 2010 by vk08

Hello I'm an HDSW Caseworker, how may I help you?

One of the things that never ceases to amaze me is the amount of incompetence that some of these agencies tend to have.  I’ve stated it early on and I’ll state it again, it all comes down to the almighty dollar and whatever they can do to make themselves look “perfect” in the community so that they can continue to get those dollars.  But what is the real cost of this?

Well here’s a scenario that seems to be correct, not having access to the internal thought processes of these people I can’t know 100% for sure, but observation has led to these conclusions.  Start an agency that purports to help people, help a few people, let them go out into the world and spread success stories about you.  Then you start getting the referrals and stop helping people.  Hope that the people are so happy to be out of the rat and roach infested shelters that they kiss your feet for any little crumb thrown at them and pray that they never question your true motives.  When they do, send out a couple of token success stories again, and say that the people complaining are crazy, rinse, repeat.

Seems to work well on the surface, but in order for it to truly work, you need the support of the government agencies that fund you.. That’s where you really have to start playing the kickback game.  I can’t prove that this happens, but it’s a pretty sure guess that it does.  There is no way that otherwise rational human beings could always side against a consumer complaint, and make the complainer sound like they are off their rockers 100% of the time without some sort of palm greasing going on.  People aren’t that stupid..

So if you are one of the lucky ones chosen to be a success story, feel confident that you too can learn to live with your head planted firmly up your ass, and if you are one of the unlucky majority, prepare to be screwed by some of the best spinmeisters that EVER lived.

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