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Twas the day before Christmas.

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Walmart........ same scene as everywhere today.

And all the crazy idiots were out trampling each other just to get that new Tickle Me Elmo or whatever it is that’s hot this year.  I swear even just going down to Price Chopper was a chore today, 43 people in each line to get out, asiles so crowded that you couldn’t even move and heaven help you if you had to try and maneuver a shopping cart.. Granted I only needed a few small things (Cool whip and carrots) but jeeeeez you would think that will the amount of time that people know Christmas is coming that they would have at least done the bulk of their stuff maybe just maybe over the past few weeks?


Talk about Mob mentality, I’m just glad noone was trampled…

Fun with Funai: Day 8

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Funai is still nothing but a bunch of lying jerks.

Day 8:

Still no replacementBlu-ray even though i was assured that i’d have one by the end of business on Wednesday.  No contact back on any inquiries and no hope of getting them to honor their products.  Remember the days that it used to be if a product was less than 30 days old places would cheerfully replace it? Not Funai, they seem to think people thrive on 8-10 months without thier purchases.

Well I for one am sick of this kind of blatent money-grabbing scam by companies that prey on people looking for a bargain.  Instead of supporting this type of behavior we should be punishing it, by boycotting as consumers and by criminal penalties by the government.  No more should be the mantra we all chant as we no longer fund this clearly criminal enterprise, as they insist on payment oup front for service on their defective crap, we should demand that we have our stuff fixed in a timely fashion.  8-10 months implies tha they have so many repairs that they cannot keep up, which in turn implies that they make crap.

Filed a formal complaint with our state AG and the BBB yesterday, lets see if they ignore it now.

The 1 Dollar Bill Debacle

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Do they even realize it's Christmas???

Allrighty… Before I begin let me just say I’m not going to burst into any foul language here, but heaven knows I really, really want to, but, you know, these people really need to all be placed in a small room together and be forced to help each other out to escape, maybe then, and only then would they understand the anguish they cause other people.

Chase Bank is by far the biggest offender of all the banks I’ve had the displeasure of dealing with (I don’t have a “bank account” for the reasons I’m about to mention) they hide behind rules and regulations that make little to no sense, and could only be understood by someone with a PhD in babble.  Take for instance if you are paid by a check, used ot be that you could walk into the issuing bank and cash your check, WRONG!!! Chase, makes you sit there while they tell you 500 reasons why they can’t cash it.  Which brings me to today’s run in.  We have two branches here in the village, one was willing to help but their counting machine was horribly broken, I could see the thing so I knew the poor girl wasn’t lying to me, so they suggested I go to the other branch down the road, which was bigger and has more staff.  So I did..   I wish I hadn’t because it just made my foul mood that much more foul.  First I got told that i had to open an account in order to cash in my stack of 1 dollar bills for larger notes.  When I said I didn’t really want to open an account today, I just wanted to cash in my bills to go shopping (Stores around these here parts are getting worse at accepting 1’s) the girl laughed at me, proceeded to call me a terrorist (I believe the exact words were “Only a terrorist or someone involved in a terrorist activity would not wish to open an account”) and then asked if I had any brain cells at all, this was “New York for gods sake, we don’t have to do anything we don’t want to do, and that includes changing money”

It’s a bank yes or no?  Banks deal in cash yes or no?  Cash is cash yes or no?

The final response from her and several other banks in the area was that they had the means to assist but they didn’t have to so they weren’t going to.  Which brings me to my final point on the matter:

We as Americans have become the land of the “NO” instead of a people that care about each other and will assist anyone.  When along the line did it become more important to find 100 ways to tell someone no on something simple, than to just see the situation and assist if you could.

Since there is no Federal Regulation stating that they cannot, it’s a crime in my eyes that they hide behind obscure laws that have nothing to do with the transaction.  A 1 dollar bill or 300 1 dollar bills isn’t gonna hurt you.

Fun with Funai, part deux..

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This was too good a representation...

FSC is after sales service company for consumer electronics market in North America. FSC has complete set of functions to provide after sales service to customers: product return, warehousing, refurbishing/recertification, component level repair, parts and accessory supply, and call center.
We are providing services for products with Magnavox, Sylvania, and Emerson brands, and expanding clients.Having A- ranked service with BBB, we provide better service with minimal cost. We are start the operation of LCD panel repair center (Class 10,000) this October to provide high value repair service for customer eventually reduce cost from scrap. FSC is registered in NESDA (National Electronics Service Dealers Association) membership.

Just looking at that grammar should have been enough to tell me I was dealing with a class act.  I realize I make a ton of spelling and gramatical mmistakes, but that’s just due to typing fast and getting heated and pissed off, this is a business’ web site disclaimer and it should have been written in language that at least tried to be English (As for the BBB A- rating, look them up, the actual company is in NJ and has a C- rating)  We shall see what the NESDA has on them.  The Atty General’s office has about a million complaints against them and quite honestly I’m not surprised.

So anyhow they won’t fix my problem in a timely fashion, all because due to other things going on I cannot drive out of my way to some service center and then take more time to drive back there to pick the thing up (one of the service centers wouldn’t even look at it without me putting a deposit down, kind of funny for a supposed warranty problem)..

Anyhow for now I are filing a complaint to the proper them service organizations (write it in their language so maybe they would get it) to find out how I can get this resolved before I lose my mind.

Funai, with a name like that you’d expect FUN, Nope…..

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Funai is anything but FUN...

Bought a Blu Ray player and tried to at least move myself into the 21st century… (plus I thought it would look really nice on the Flatscreen) of course as nothing in my life has gone smoothly as of late, this was yet another example of idiocy at it’s best.

Called Magnavox, the supposed maker of the player, they told me there was nothing i could do, I had to call this place called the Funai Service Corporation who handles the warranty.  OK Fine, especially as I had been assured that they could ship one out to me by tomorrow and I could ship mine back.  Sounded acceptable to me as I had noever gotten a chance to use the unit, and the first time I did today, it froze on every movie it played, DVD or BluRay.  This is where the major problem began.

I got a woman first who spoke very bad English informing me that there was nothing they could do and there would be an 8-10 week wait period for me to get myunit back unless I was willing to drive into an area I didn’tknow at all, and drop off the machine myself at one of their “service centers”  I don’t have the time for that I explained…  I need this thing like yesterday, it’s not like I really had the ability to use it yet.. “That’s not our problem” which promptedme to ask for a supervisor, who in the spirit of the Holidays responded more in kind, I beleive she used the words retard and ass a few times as well int he conversation, but that’s not the worst of it.. “I am authorized ot make exceptions ot the 8-10 week period but I just don’t feel I should have to”  Please send me to your boss.   “My boss is out until after Christmas..”

I did get her boss by doing some research and finding the number, he was even more uncaring.  I can get youa new one but you still have to wait until Wednesday of next week at the earliest.  I reexplained that the unit was needed for tomorrow and that it hadn’t even had the chance to be used yet, that didn’t seem to phase him, “it’s 1 PM we can’t ship anything out it’s too late.”, having worked in shipping departmetns from time to time, I know that’s a crock.  Who’s your boss, ie who do you report to?  “I don’t report to anyone”

The end result here is that if you buy a product based upon the brand name, do some research first to ensure the brand matches the manufacturer.. If it doesn’t you could be in for hard times ahead.

Funai makes Magnavox, Phlips, Sylvania and a few others….

Lunatics, all lunatics..

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Early America: Lunatic Box, Maybe we should revisit?

Early America: Lunatic Box, Maybe we should revisit?

Yeah it’s that time of year again when the lunatics all come out of their hiding places and we get bombarded with Ad’s about “Snugglies” that look so awful you can’t imagine the actors that had to wear them in public for the commercials felt that comfortable, even though they looked like they had the same smile as Ed from the “Natural Male Enhancement” commercials..And then there are the panhandlers and doomsayers that come out this time of year.  I can almost excuse the panhandlers, the economy sucks moose dongles and the government is spending money like it has an unlimited supply, people are starving and there needs to be some action, so trying to get some change for something to eat, a cigarette or something else ot ease that pain (I do not condone panhandling for drugs or alcohol) is at this time of year not the worst thing, unless you’re the guy in Times Square from yesterday that had a shootout with the NYPD over it.

The doomsayers are the worst, I am a conspiracy nut at heart and like to banter about it with the best of them, in fact I know that buried in even the most outlandish conspiracy is some grain of truth, but the ones who stand out there on the corners claiming the world is going to end tomorrow, or make women and children drink cyanide laced kool-aid just because, OMG, January 1’st (insert year here)  is coming, well that’s just out there.  If there is indeed a huge change coming either socially, economically or even Earthly (a nice Pole Shift would be welcomed right now, can you tell I just saw 2012??) it’s going to happen and the best we can hope for is to survive it.  So stop taking the blue pill, stop drinking the tainted kool-aid, try and be happy at the holidays, I know it’s hard, I know it’s a chore when the world seems like it’s turned into a phantom version of itself, but it is the holiday and we do have so much to be grateful for..

Otherwise I could just stick you in the Lunatic box……

Shopping During the Holiday Rush

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A Typical Day Shopping in December

Cleanup on Aisle 10!!!

Have you ever noticed that shopping in December, even at the local food store, is like taking your life into your hands in a festering pit of vipers?  Well if you hadn’t it is.  I cannot believe the amount of insane nagging and fighting that goes on even in the local supermarket over such trivial items that we all go out and buy every week.  Take today for instance, I normally every week go shopping for various meat and grocery items as we all do, today I saw to grown women fighting over the last package of Doritos on the shelf.  DORITOS!!!!  If they didn’t have any, go to the CVS across the street and buy some idiot….. Don’t start a World War 3 type argument over a lousy bag of Doritos, especially when you are looking like you’re 400 or so pounds and probably don’t need them anyhow.  It’s the holiday season, let the melee’s begin…

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