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Ugh and double Ugh…

Posted in Politics, Randomness, Ranting and Raving on September 13, 2012 by vk08

I swear the next person that bugs me about why I left a particular site is going to get a smack in the face.

1) I am not answering any more questions about this.

2) I am not answering any more questions about this.

3) rinse, repeat.

Oh and any comments for this post will be summarily deleted.

The Broken System and What Could Fix It

Posted in Expose and Investigative, Politics on April 1, 2010 by vk08

I really don’t like to speak ill of anyone that is doing their job to the best of their ability and who genuinely think they are doing the right thing, but when you have a person that does their job with the backwards thought that they are doing good, but only because everyone is guilty and it’s up to her to prove it, there is a problem.

Connecticut DCYF (Department of Children and Families) requires that all investigators are accompanied by a stenographer that takes down what everyone is saying, this way there is no ability for a DCYF worker to turn around and twist the words of a parent and claim they said something they didn’t.  It’s a protection and a good one, so far the only cases in CT that have been brought to court are those where there seriously is something that needs judicial intervention.

In stark contrast to that civil and non adversarial system, Westchester County NY has a system where they imbue their CPS workers with broad powers that violate every portion of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  These workers can go and tell a judge that there is imminent harm to get an entry warrant and not have one shred of proof or evidence to show cause.  The law is written to allow hearsay and conjecture based upon information that may be unreliable to be used as proof positive evidence against a parent.

As I go on in more posts I will detail a way we could fix this system as well as show the lengths that CPS in Westchester will go to to “get the bad parents”  For now I’ll leave you with this, 60 days of being under their microscope that turned into 8 months of it, will take years to recover from emotionally.

Freedom of what?

Posted in Current Events, Film and Television, Politics, Ranting and Raving on March 14, 2010 by vk08

We the People......

A little thing that happened this morning got me thinking about this little bit of law, and the connotations therein and how people sometimes hide mistakenly behind it.   There is freedom of speech until you abridge the rights of another to do the same.  Like any right, there are limits to it, and rightfully so.  You can’t just walk into a theatre and yell FIRE!, it’s against the law, your right to free speech ended because you trampled the rights of everyone in that theatre.  Same goes for discussion and discourse.  The minute you resort to name calling and the old “I’m better than you because of ‘X'” you lose your right to your speech.  The Constitution does not recognize your superiority complex and also any differences between individuals at all, in essence according to the document we are all equal.

Now before I continue, I want to mention that the next part of what I say may be controversial.

The Federal Communications Commission of the United States is responsible for making sure that which goes out over the airwaves is safe from overt and not so overt references that would make most people cringe and blush.  Also to make sure our young people are not seeing things they really shouldn’t on Television.  Now a lot of people claim “that’s censorship” but think for a moment about what we CAN get away with on TV nowadays, a lot compared to just 20 years ago. A certain amount of policing is necessary and that’s why some channels like Playboy are Pay channels that you have to purchase separately, so you can have the option of blocking them.  Same goes for the Net.  There are plenty of sites that host adult material, but they say it, a huge warning that there may be something objectionable, and so you don’t let your kids go there, however, if a site that doesn’t have that warning pops up… what then?

My own site here is certainly not for children, however I try to stay within a confine so that if a child DID in fact come across this site, there’s not a million overt innuendos and swears..

Think for a moment, you can’t be everywhere at once, some responsibility does fall upon the providers to police themselves.

Sunday Morning……

Posted in Current Events, Politics on March 7, 2010 by vk08

Coffee…. had to wake up to coffee.   Coffee is the thing that makes all of us wake up and ready to face the day (some of us it takes more cups than others but OK…..)

Now all of a sudden some woman who worked for the Obama campaign has sullied the name of our precious beverage and made a farcical (although she calls it serious) movement called the Coffee Party of America.  Of course, I should have seen it coming,  the obvious analogue to the Tea Party Movement, but this is beyond wrong.

This is what we've come to?

The Coffee Party??? Please..... no....

I mean even their banner leaves a bit to be desired.. It looks like someone went nuts with MS Office’s clipart library and a blue paintbrush. Now had they really wanted to be successful they would have drowned themselves in UCC’s Taste 114 and at least they would have died a nice and enjoyable death as their bodies basked in the yummy goodness that is 114…But alas, they are just a bunch of Obama supporters that decided it would be a hoot to ruin the reputation of the lifeblood of artists (and others) everywhere.

Here’s a picture of 114 just for posterity.


Trusting No-one

Posted in Current Events, Politics on January 7, 2010 by vk08

We trust them, but should we...

We send our cildren off to school, not thinking anything of it, and if you’re the parent of a special needs child, thinking that everythign that you discuss, and everything you agree that needs to be done will be done.  You also think that the people that are teaching your children are competant and listen to your concerns and act accordingly.  However, there is that point where a school, and I’m hearing more and more bout this these days, decides that instead of helping your child learn and become a better student, they lock onto a harmless statement and twist the childinto thinking that their parents are the worst thing alive, then they call in CPS complaints, to make matters worse, the private conversations you have with the school become public and are twisted against you to make you seem like a total and complete insane individual…  This is sadly, the world we live in nowadays.  Everyone is so afraid of doing the wrong thing, they don’t stop to ask if what they are doing is wrong, they just follow obscure rules and say “we had no choice”

Everyone has a choice, everyone has a brain, people should begin to use them and consider the consequences of their actions before they blindly follow a set of rules that are not really rules but guidelines, I believe the argument “I was just following orders” was proven to be a wrong course of action at Nurenburg..  So it should be, when we as a society start to second guess everyone else, and cease to think for ourselves, we become what we all fear, a faceless, nameless set of automotons that no longer are alive in the truest sense of the word.

Wake up, hug your kids, and remind them they are individuals, not robots.

Intimidation: Part One

Posted in Politics on December 16, 2009 by vk08

Does it need one?

There are few things in this life that I really care about.. Family and Friends, that’s about it, and I may get hot tempered at companies that are nothing but hot air promising the world and delivering shit, but in the end mess with my family or my friends and suffer the wrath of me.

Long story short, preparing a lawsuit against a service agency and the county for neglect, BOOM what happens?  All of a sudden we’re fighting off CPS allegations, and in the middle of it all, it’s really just a clever, but really sick move on the part of the other side to try and get their hands on documentation that is needed to prove a neglect case against them.  Ok, so thought it was over, and all would be nice for the holidays? NO WAY!!!!  They are threatening court action and other things to a) keep us put in a place we don’t really want to be and have publicly stated that we don’t want to be, and b) get their hands on information that they would not normally be entitled to until the LEGAL discovery stage of a trial.  It’s called, intimidation and coersion and it should be illegal, wait it is..

Do these people think about the level of stress they are causing (better yet are they prepared to answer for the whole time they sat by and did nothing when everyone was pleading with them for help?) No the sinister motive here is a simple one, cover each others asses as long as they can and hope this will go away if we go away.

My resolve is stronger than before…….

The United States’ Blonde Moment

Posted in Bad Service List, Politics, Ranting and Raving on December 15, 2009 by vk08

We all have em, embrace them...

Once in a while the government does something radically stupid.

Once in a while they get caught doing something radically stupid and inane.

This is one of those times.

We all know that the health care bill is looming like a vulture over American society, and that the politicians will stop at nothing to get this thing passed.  But when they say they will stop at nothign what does that really mean.  Well here’s a clue on thatL  61% of the people of the United States are against this bill in it’s current form.  Harry Ried and Nancy Pelosi seem not to care, it will put billions of dollars into the Federal Government THREE YEARS before we even can use any of the benefits…  THREE YEARS of paying into a phantom system that noone has access to, but it’s a ten year plan.  So look at it this way, for three years you will be paying for a product you can’t touch, feel, use or see.  If most companies ran their businesses like that yo would see an awful lot of lawsuits, so why not now? Because.. Anyone who is against th`is plan (as a majority are) is auto-labelled a nutcase.

Well call me a nutcase then.

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