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I am so sick of the “No kids died” crowd..

Posted in Ranting and Raving on January 12, 2013 by vk08

Living in Connecticut for the past 25 years on and off, you get to know the area and the way people behave.  New Englanders are crusty, sometimes cold people that don’t like to show emotion to the outside world.

Enter the morons….

All of a sudden a cottage industry has grown up around Sandy Hook, and the theories are about as absurd as the people making them.  They range from someone claiming one of the parents was identified as Michael McDonald the actor, to “no kids really died, everyone’s an actor and this is a psy-op”

To any of those people I put forth the following challenge, go to Newtown, knock on the doors of those parents and try and confront them with your insane theories.  See how fast you are thrown in jail…

Just do it already, make the world a better place..

Connecticut judges have zero tolerance for idiots..

Ever feel like?

Posted in Randomness, Ranting and Raving on December 8, 2012 by vk08

It’s funny… you decide to leave a site due to things you don’t like, simple enough.  But then it happens….

People who were friends, well they refuse to reply to you elsewhere, like you’ve committed a HUGE sin because OMGZ you left the damn site… Are you seriously that petty that if you don’t belong to a particular site you can’t keep in touch with someone? Seriously?

Just goes to prove how brainwashed some people are I guess…..

Ugh and double Ugh…

Posted in Politics, Randomness, Ranting and Raving on September 13, 2012 by vk08

I swear the next person that bugs me about why I left a particular site is going to get a smack in the face.

1) I am not answering any more questions about this.

2) I am not answering any more questions about this.

3) rinse, repeat.

Oh and any comments for this post will be summarily deleted.

The Great Self Help Sham

Posted in Current Events, Philosophical, Randomness, Ranting and Raving on September 24, 2010 by vk08

It is always good when one finds that they have a character flaw, admits it, works on it and moves on.  It is NOT good when one finds they have a character flaw, starts going to every self help thing they can go to, reads all the self help books and starts finding imaginary flaws that may not really even been there.

I have an acquaintance, used to be a semi-friend (until I gave her some advice she asked for then pissed all over me for it by blasting me out publicly on her blog and not even stating it they way I did) and after she totally ditched someone I care about in a way that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, then claimed she was being stalked to save face to her one fan, herself (yes she has 6 separate accounts to make it look like she has readers) This person is now stuck on Breakthrough: The Movie, a complete and total sham of a film that claims to be all about self help and how you can do better and fix your life etc…

If you really need that kind of help see a licensed professional, not some self appointed know it all that’s just out for your money.

People who call themselves Reverend

Posted in Current Events, Randomness, Ranting and Raving on July 20, 2010 by vk08

It occoured to me today after a nice back and forth my webhost about a “complaint” filed by a “reverend” just how easy it is for someone to obtain that title and abuse it.  There are sites such as this : that will for free and with no background checks or otherwise let you print out a certificate ordaining you as a reverend in their church.  With that certificate they gain power over others and can abuse that because it’s always been held that religios personell are held to a higher standard.

Enter someone that is a total shut in, believes that famous wrestlers are lining up to bed her, and that calls anyone who dares question her hold on reality a stalker and you have a very dangerous person.

I am calling for all places that accept without question, to start questioning the validity of the documents and the authenticity of the person using the title.

It may go a long way to stop people from abusing the “name” to get results and to take abusive action against others in the name of the “reverend”

I Hate You , Seriously

Posted in Randomness, Ranting and Raving on June 12, 2010 by vk08

Gods I hate you...

It never ceases to amaze me how self centered some people can really be, as if they are the greatest in the world or something.  Then when you offer some constructive criticism, POOF you get comments that are attacking and the like.

I was ignoring them, thought they had finally left me alone but now and I’m pissed about it.

MY GODS!!!   If I claimed to be the worlds best journalist who had worked in a TV station and my passion was journalism and wanted to be great at it and I made comments like some of the ones I had read this morning, I would have expected to be called on them, acknowleged it, asked why the comment was made, and moved on to try and better myself at what I claimed to be great at.  Not the following:

If you don’t like what i have to say don’t FREALING read my posts!

I mean really now… If you read an article that claims something definative, in this case it was some drivel about how Canadians know more about sex than Americans because Canada has some talk show called “Talk Sex With Sue” I would certainly expect that someone in the United States would come back with do your research before jumping to a conclusion.  So I did.  And got all sorts of nastiness for it. Really…

So I have now decided to go on the offensive.  Sort of.  Here’s journalism lesson number one from someone who actually worked behind the mic for the very first FM radio station in the United States.


If you don’t, you are doomed to failure, it’s that simple, and when someone calls you on it, don’t fall back with insults or your own faults will be exposed blatently, like how you dissapeared without a trace and shut down this that and the other thing because you couldn’t handle that others had what?  LIVES!!! Yes the crux of it, you have no life, think you’re the greatest and well.. it’s so not true.

Get over yourself and live in reality, you’re a loner that can’t get a b/f because you’re thinking that you’re all that and a bag of chips, when in fact you’re no more special than anyone else on the plane, and certainly not smarter than anyone else on the planet.  Give it a rest, and go back to your disability, and blowing your cash on iTunes thinking that it’s more important than food.  See how far you’ll get when you claim that you’re a computer whiz next, with your spiffy MacBook that you can’t seem to even work without a problem, oh that’s right, you know everything. Sorry.


Posted in Ranting and Raving on June 10, 2010 by vk08

growl... hiss hiss

It never ceases ot amaze me how narrow minded and stupid people can be.  Take some of my old classmates for instance, a lot of them have been really fun and happy about things, not judgemental and all around a nice thing to recconect, one however went so far as to delete my comment on his status because it mentioned a diabled child.  OMG how awful, a disabled child must be avioded likre the plague…

JEEEEZUS this is 2010 for cripes sake.

Grow up…..

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